What is The Nature Conservancy (TNC) ?

Since its foundation in 1951, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has been one of the  NGOs leading the conservation approach purchasing lands and important natural areas.[1] With a purchase of 60 acres of a river gorge in New York and Connecticut, TNC obtained the first land acquisition in 1955 to natural lands from development projects.[2] This event provides an example of how TNC has utilized legal instruments, such as direct ownership, lease, contract, and trusteeship agreement, to protect land and water resources. By the end of 1950s, the organization’s main focus centered at the movement of natural land protection.

CT Boundaries Map 2011 Nov 9_Final

Since the early twenty-first century, TNC has expanded its conservation projects around the world by working closely with many international organizations and national governments. In 2003 in southern Chile, TNC partnered with Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund, and Chilean environmental organizations to save 147,500 acres of biologically diverse rainforests in the Valdivian Coastal Range.[3] In the same year, TNC helped The National Park Service increase the size of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park through land conversion.[4] Besides land protection, TNC takes an active role in conserving other natural ecosystems at a landscape scale. In 2009, TNC succeeded in bringing together six nations to develop a coalition that runs the Coral Triangle Initiative to restore marine and coastal resources in the Pacific Ocean of South East Asia. These recent stories display how TNC and its partnership can create an intersection between the natural world and the business world.

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